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I was never happy with the theme of our shop. The navigation menu never really identified where you were on the the tree of item, it was difficult to see where you were. The bread crumbs were the only truely identifiable way to see where you were.

I had also forgot to impliment paypal - I'm a dumb ass!!


I have spent the last 3 months rebuilding the shop site using the latest version of the shop software - thanks to zencart for their hard work.

We now have a little over 15,000 products available to purchase.

Yes. I have tested and enabled the paypal so you can actually spend money this time.

We are working on another file to add 90,000 products to the shop, but we dont have access to the images directly or the full product description. We are investigating a way to achieve this.

I put the shop live on 24th Aprill 2017. I do have a little niggle with the mobile version not activating the screen keyboard which i am investigating.

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