At TL Systems we offer flexible Computer Finance solution, Computer Hardware Leasing and Software Leasing.
Our Computer Leasing solutions are fully tailored to suit your unique requirements to ensure you can upgrade, take ownership or simply return the equipment.
Our team have vast amounts of experience in IT & Computer solutions from Laptop, Tablet, Desktop, Workstation to Server(s) .

As an independent distributor with access to over 100,000 products available for fast dispatch, we ensure you get the best technology available, for the best price.

If you would like to know more, get a customised quote or simply require some advice on the right product please CONTACT us to discuss your IT Leasing requirements..


Protect your Capital

  • Cash flow - Fixed monthly or quarterly payments, up to 3 years for IT. Meaning no outright payment for equipment, conserving "Cash flow". you can now budget for most eventualities.
  • Time - With leasing you get the same day answer and usually delivery of equipment within 72 hours. (Subject to stock availability. Conditions beyond our control)
  • Obsolescence - At end of "Term", you can either get newer equipment or cancel completely.
  • Simple - Fixed payments throughout the lease period.
  • Tax Efficient - You may be able to utilize tax benefits associated with leasing. (***See your accountant for clarification***)

Example Prices

Minimum lease price is £500 + VAT

A Company wants to purchase 3 workstations, 1 laser printer and 2 laptops. The cost or the workstations is £522.30 + VAT each, the laser printer is £359.00 + VAT and the laptops cost £620.00 + VAT each.

This gives a total of £3165.90 + VAT or £3799.08

This breaks down in a 36 month lease at £101.87 + VAT per month or £23.51 + VAT per week or £3.35 + VAT per day.

"We are an IT company that know about finance,

not a finance company that know about IT"



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