Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get IT Support

First off, on the main menu above click on IT SUPPORT, click the team viewer for you computer, contact 01446 747702 and speak to support.

We will ask you for Team viewer ID and the PASSWORD it provides. Explain your problem your experiencin and we will fix it.

We do charge for this service, payment is taken vis a credit or debit card. Certain business customers can be invoiced. Please confirm this on initial telephone call.

01446 747702

How do i host a website

So in its most basic form, website hosting involves:

  1. Domain - kite-flying is the domain name, the Domain name is always rented. as long as you keep paying the domain renewal charge then its yours. forget and you may loose it. In some instances you can reclaim the name back, contact us for help regarding this problem on 01446 747702.
  2. Hosting - This is where would live. A webserver is a computer that houses lots of domain names, all domain names are listed in something similar to a book index and its called DNS. Hosting is usually always chargeable, if you have free hosting, there is usually a catch. i.e. you cannot access the files directly or you have the hosters adverts on your website etc.
  3. Site - your website can be a single page displaying your website or it can be many pages all displaying lots of content. Many page websites are usually managed via a control panel or can be called a CMS - Content Mangement System. This acts similar to a wordprocessor in which you dont need any other skills than the ability to type content inside each page as the CMS handles everything else for you.

Contact us for more information or want us to host your website 01446 747702