Business Lines and Calls

Our calls are routed over a number of tier 1 carrier networks, including Openreach. This means we are offering exactly the same quality of service as the main suppliers, but often at a lower price. All our customer service and technical support staff are fully trained and based in the UK. No more hanging on the line waiting to talk to overseas call centres!

Using a range of networks for your call traffic allows us to find the best rates for your business. We offer a range of competitive call tariffs and call packages.

SIP Lines and Calls

By 2025, SIP lines (lines through the internet – VOIP) will completely replace standard business lines. When employed properly, SIP can be a key component in providing improved service, either as a stand-alone solution or running in conjunction with standard lines.

The key element for success with SIP is to provide a proper and resilient solution. Unlike some suppliers who focus entirely on getting any proposed VOIP solution to the lowest possible price, we carefully calculate what connectivity is required to build a reliable and resilient solution.

Our SIP lines come with a range of call packages, including an unlimited UK call package for high users.