Dedicated Leased Lines

As businesses become increasingly dependent on connection to the internet, they need ever faster and more reliable data connections. This need is being fuelled by the growth in doing business on-line; the increased usage of cloud-based applications and the desire for higher quality Voice over IP solutions.

For many organisations, even Fibre to Cabinet broadband is not keeping pace with their demands. Happily, we are now able to provide leased lines (private circuits between your premises and the internet) at very competitive prices.


Tick A fast and resilient internet connection with guaranteed download & upload speeds

Tick No reduction in speed during peak periods

Tick A fully-managed service (any problems are automatically detected and repaired)

Tick Comes with Service Level Agreements (with money back if these aren’t met)

Tick A fully un-contended line (you never share the bandwidth with other internet users)

Tick A flexible solution that allows you to increase & reduce your bandwidth to match your needs

Tick Supported 24 hours per day with a 5 hour response time

Tick Supports Voice over IP, which in turn can save you money

Tick Available at an exceptionally competitive price





Leased line versus Broadband
Leased Line
  • Unlimited guaranteed speed
  • Dedicated line for your business
  • Service level agreements
  • Response times if service fails
  • Flexibility in upload/download speeds
  • Managed service
  • Completely unlimited download limits”
  • Limited variable speeds
  • Line shared with other users
  • No service level agreements
  • No guaranteed response times
  • Less flexibility with most providers
  • Un-managed service
  • Limited download with many providers