Business Lines

SIP and Call Packages

Most businesses are now using SIP for their telecommunications, but we still offer standard lines (good for areas with poor broadband).


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Mobile Solutions

Voice and Data SIM

We offer simple low-cost SIM only contracts on flexible 1-month contracts allowing you to adjust your mobile connections to match your need.


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EMtel Infinity

Fibre to Cabinet Broadband

Fibre to Cabinet and Fibre to Premises  Broadband is being rolled out across the UK. It offers far higher speeds than conventional broadband.


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Leased Lines

Dedicated Private Circuits

More and more businesses are paying to have a managed dedicated fixed link to their premesis, rather than rely on shared Broadband Connection.


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Telephone systems

SIP and Call Packages

We can supply and service a range of traditional and IP telephone systems at many price points to match the needs of your business.


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Managed Voice Solution

Benefit from all the features of a telephone system without the need to purchase any additional equipment.


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Multi-text SMS Service

With the world increasingly moving to mobile phone-based communications; EMtext is the perfect way to reach your customers while on the move.

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Other Products

Recording & Reporting

Call Recording, Incoming Call Management, Call Reporting, Call Conferencing, Fax to E-mail, Non-Geographic Numbers are all add-on services that can dramstically Improve your business efficiency.

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Product Summary

Our services can be divided into 3 main categories: Connectivity, Services and Equipment.


This is your physical network connection. It includes standard telephone lines, mobile SIM, Broadband services and dedicated leased lines.


These are the services that utilise the connectivity. They include hosted VOIP (EMMEX), Calls and Call Packages, Call Management Services, Call Recording and Multi-texts Services (EMtext).


These are the telephone systems, handsets, routers and power supplies needed to access our services.