Whatever you needs, you local Repair Specialist can help. We provide telephone support, remote support, in store technicians and call out / home visit service and tuition.

Want to pair up your SMART Television, Printer, Sound System or other device to get that realistic experience.

Low FPS - better Graphics - more RAM - Larger Hard Drive - PC Gaming - Making Music - Home Work - Printer and Ink - Large HD Monitor - Play Films - Write Letters - Spreadsheets - Internet - problem with Web Browser - PC not working properly - Virus - Spyware - Flashy Lights - Power Supply - Laptop Screen - Tablet Screen - PC Service - Call Out - Remote Support - Laptop - Tablet - Any Computer Issue

Computer - Laptop - Tablet Repair

  • Computer running slow or does not Power On.
  • Crashing and Instability fixes.
  • Hardware Failure and Damage Repair.
  • Maintenance and Servicing of your machine.

Computer - Laptop - Tablet Upgrades

  • Increase FPS and Graphical Fidelity
  • Speed up with more RAM and a faster Processor
  • Back up important data with more Memory
  • Replace Monitor or set up a Dual Display
  • Optimise control with Keyboards and Mice
  • Add Peripherals such as Cameras, Headphones, Microphones and more


Computer - Laptop - Tablet Servicing

  • Virus and Spyware removal
  • PC Optimisation and Cleanup to speed things up
  • Network, WIFI and Broadband assistance (We can liaise on your behalf with your Provider) to get things done.
  • Other problems with hardware or software playing.