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Premium Protection

Safeguards your entire digital life by monitoring your personal details 24/7, while also providing robust social media and antivirus protection. You can protect all devices whether PC, Mac or Android with a single license.

Identity protection* scans the entire web for your personal information such as user names, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and more. This ensures your personal data doesn’t end up on the dark web for sale. If your information is detected you receive notification immediately via email and SMS.

It also monitors your children’s Facebook profiles, including private messages and photos. As a result, all possible threats to your children’s safety are flagged up, such as inappropriate content and strangers with bad intentions. BullGuard Premium Protection’s robust and multi-layered antivirus protection, which has won many highly coveted awards from leading consumer organizations, keeps out all forms of malware, including ransomware. You can use it across all of your devices whether PC, Mac or Android with a single license ensuring comprehensive and simple-to-manage protection.

Further features are also provided include PC Tune UP, safe browsing and blocking unwanted applications.

*Identity protection is only available only in the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland and Netherlands.

Internet Security

Alongside industry-leading antivirus protection and important security tools BullGuard Internet Security also protects PC, Mac and Android devices – all with a single license.

Its multi-layered antivirus protection provides the best safeguards possible against malware and spam including ransomware. Its defenses are so good many leading consumer organizations have flagged it up as a ‘best buy’. BullGuard Internet Security also includes other powerful features such as PC Tune Up to ensure top computer performance, a vulnerability scanner that detects outdated software and a rigorous spam filter and firewall.

Further benefits include a feature that stops unwanted applications taking over your browser. These applications can install toolbars, modify your system settings and take over your home page and browser.

On top of this BullGuard Internet Security also provides easy-to-use powerful Parental Controls to keep your kids safe from inappropriate content and puts you in control when it comes to their mobile devices.

A single license is for up to ten devices and it can be used on PC, Mac and Android.


Looking for a smarter Antivirus? Choose BullGuard’s cutting-edge, multi-layered system to keep all malware out. Plus it’s the only antivirus with a spam filter.

In tests carried out by independent labs, BullGuard antivirus consistently gains top ranking. This is because its multiple defence layers provide impenetrable protection.

But on top this, BullGuard Antivirus also includes anti-spyware that stops snoopers from sniffing around your system and a customisable spam filter – no other antivirus software provides this.

At the same time, if you’re a gaming aficionado, do lots of design or coding, it doesn’t slow you down and still enables top computer performance while providing full security.

It also flags up suspicious websites, keeping you safe from malware infested sites, and has been designed to ensure your computer maintains optimal performance.

And of course, there is 24/7 expert support.

Mobile Security

With mobile specific malware on the increase, BullGuard Mobile Security ensures you stay protected against malware, spam calls and messages, and theft. It also includes parental controls to keep your children safe on their mobile devices.

BullGuard Mobile Security provides total protection for your mobile device and personal data

Identity Protection

Do you want web-based identity and social media protection that safeguards you from financial fraud and identity theft and works across all devices and operating systems?

Hackers target company servers to steal identity information and then trade it whether its credit card or bank account numbers or phone numbers and addresses.

BullGuard Identity Protection is the simple and effective way to protect yourself from identity theft, to keep your personal and financial information safe and to monitor your children’s Facebook activity, whatever devices you use to access the Internet.