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Is your computer running too slow?

Is your computer running too slow?

Slow to turn on? Slow to open folders, apps or programs?
Many computers are built with standard hard drives, that have a "wind up" mechanism...over time this causes the computer to be slow to respond.

Consider changing and upgrading your computer to a solid state drive (SSD).

Changing from a standard HDD to an SSD is the most cost effective solution and just this simple change can change your ENTIRE user experience.
Immediately you'll see a huge speed improvement, read and write performance will be improved and there will be less of the finger tapping waiting experience, that you are used to.

Upgrading doesn't have to cost the earth, it can be quite affordable and give your laptop/desktop computer a new lease of life.
SSD prices can start from roughly £20 and go all the way up to £100+ - this is completely dependant on how much you'd like to spend and the storage space you'd like.

Have a chat with a computer technician today, to start your journey.