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Laptops from HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell, Packard Bell, Samsung, Fujitsu, Gigabyte and more.


  • Accessories
    <p>Laptop accessories including locks and hard drive caddies.</p>
  • Cases & Bags
    <p>A large range of cases and bags to carry and store your laptop in.</p>
  • Cooler & Charger
    <p>Replacement chargers for your laptop and laptop cooling solutions.</p>
  • Parts
    <p>Replacement parts for your laptop computer including a large selection of screens, DC jacks and charger ports.</p>
  • Laptops
    <p>Laptops, hp Laptops, toshiba Laptops, lenovo Laptops, asus Laptops, acer Laptops, dell Laptops, packard bell Laptops, samsung Laptops, fujitsu Laptops, gigabyte Laptops</p>
  • Refurbished
    <p><span style="color:#232323;font-family:'Noto Sans', sans-serif;font-size:15px;background-color:#ffffff;">We have access to a vast range of refurbished equipment from PC, Server, workstation, Laptop, Televisions, Tablet, Mobile phone and more and emailed to us daily. Please contact us via or via our landline 01446 747702.</span></p>

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