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Peripheral devices for your computer.  A large range of headsets, loudspeakers and headphones, microphones, webcams, dashcams and other capture devices, power surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies, printers and supplies, USB hubs, card readers and other devices, bluetooth adapters, game controllers, keyboards and mice, VR headsets and consumables.


  • Accessories
  • Bluetooth
    <p>A range of Bluetooth adapters for your computer.</p>
  • Cleaning
    <p>A large range of cleaning products to keep your computer and peripherals in immaculate condition.</p>
  • Card Readers
    <p>A large range of card readers to read and write many memory card formats including SD, MicroSD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, Extreme Digital, M2 Memory Stick, Compact Flash and others.</p>
  • Game Controllers
  • Headsets & Microphones
    <p>A large range of headsets, headphones, ear buds, microphones and stands for gaming, home and business.</p>
  • Keyboard & Mice
    <p>A large range of keyboards, mice and desktop sets for gaming, home and office.</p>
  • Media
    <p>A range of media and consumables including CD-RW, DVD-RW DVD+RW, Blu-Ray and sleeves, plain and photo printer paper, CD pens and mailers.</p>
  • Speakers
    <p>A full range of loudspeakers for gaming, home and business; mains powered and portable. </p>
  • Surge & UPS
    <p>Power Surge Protectors and Uninterruptible Power Supplies in a range of capacities from APC and Powercool to ensure your system stays up no matter what.</p> <p></p>
  • USB Hubs
    <p>A range of USB hubs to increase the number of USB devices you can connect to your computer. </p>
  • VR
    <p>Virtual Reality headsets for a fully immersive experience.</p>
  • Webcams
    <p>A range of web cams with specifications and prices to suit all pockets.</p>
  • Printing
    <p>A range of inkjet and laser printers, inks, toner and paper for home and small office from Brother, Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon and others. </p>
  • Media Player
    <p>A variety of mounting kits, external enclosures and cloning docks for hard disk drives and solid state drives including M2.</p>
  • A/V Capture
    <p>A range of audio visual capture devices to record sound and vision from external sources such as gaming consoles, live streamers, dashcams, body cams , microphones, etc.</p>

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