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  • Network Adaptors
    <p>A large range of external and internal network adapters to connect your tower, desktop or laptop to Wi-Fi and wired ethernet.</p>
  • Powerline
    <p>A large range of power line network adapters to run your home or office network over mains electric wiring without the need to run extra network cable and eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots.</p>
  • Print Servers
    <p><span style="color:#232323;font-family:'Noto Sans', sans-serif;font-size:15px;background-color:#ffffff;">Print servers allow you to take the computer out of the loop while setting up a printing network.</span></p>
  • Racking & Infrastructure
    <p>19 inch racks, accessories and management tools.</p>
  • Routers
    <p>A large selection of network routers for both wired and wireless ethernet.</p>
  • Switches
    <p>A large range of network switches from 4 to 48 ports, both managed and unmanaged.</p>
  • Wired
    <p>Our range of accessories for your wired ethernet networks includes Power Over Ethernet injectors and network surge protectors.</p>
  • Wireless

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