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Everything you need to build, upgrade or fix your desktop, small form factor or tower PC.

PC cases, processors, cooling, memory, including DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4, graphics cards, power supplies, motherboards, sound cards and other PC components.


  • Bundles

    Our special buy options if you are thinking of getting a compatible board chip and memory bundle that works together with no issues .

  • Cases

    Computer cases for the PC enthusiast, builder or the gamer, see our range of cases for Desktop, SFF (small form factor) to the full sized ATX Tower and the inbetween sizes to house your loved creation.

  • Cooling

    PC Cooling including all forms of liquid CPU cooling, case fans of all sizes from 80mm to 150mm, aluminium stock fans for AMD and Intel Socket types with or without CPU paste.

  • Graphics

    From the basic PCI-e GT210 graphics card to the high end GTX 2080, from Radeon to GeForce we cover them all

  • IO

    A complete list of available I/O Cards/Panels and computer components for all your needs

  • Memory

    Laptop and PC Memory for brands such as, ADATA, Corsair HyperX and Kingston, with sizes ranging from a 2 GB DDR3 to 16 GB DDR4 single stick.

  • Motherboards

    A large selection of motherboards for the home user, office and avid PC gamer from manufacturers including MSI, Gigabyte, Asrock x570 Phantom gaming 4 to an ASUS A68IHMk.

  • Power Supplies

    We have available a huge range of power supplies such as the Pulse 500W and the Be Quiet! 300W to the more expensive and high end PSUs like the Pulse 750 and the Be Quiet! 500w and Cooler Master white, bronze, gold and platinum. We also have available modular and semi-modular PSUs.

  • Processors

    We have a wide range of processors available from Intel and AMD including AMD Ryzen and Athlon and Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, Celeron and Pentium

  • Sound

    We have many sound cards available for example the Approx 5.1, Sandberg and Asus XONAR, ROG, SOAR and STRIX gaming sound cards in both external USB and internal card form.

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